Core business

BIOSYSTEM Ewasterecycling SA is a professional organisation for the recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment, operating pursuant to the law "On waste electrical and electronic equipment" (Journal of Laws 2015 item 1688). The company founded in 2006 takes over the responsibility to collect and recycle WEEE from entrepreneurs who market electrical and electronic equipment. On behalf of its clients, the organisation conducts public educational campaigns on the subject of ecology and prepares statutory reports for the Chief Inspectorate of Environmental Protection.

In accordance with the requirements of the Act and for the safety of the clients, the share capital of BIOSYSTEM Ewasterecycling SA amounts to PLN 5 million and is fully covered by a cash contribution which does not come from loans and is not encumbered in any other way. The company guarantees confidentiality of the transferred data to all its clients.

The fulfilment of responsibilities resulting from the Act on waste equipment through the agency of BIOSYSTEM Ewasterecycling SA provides noticeable economic benefits for entrepreneurs. The costs of cooperation with the organisation are significantly lower than the collateral required by law which should be paid if the responsibilities are to be met by the clients themselves.

In order to fulfil the responsibilities taken over from entrepreneurs, BIOSYSTEM Ewasterecycling SA has its own efficient network for collecting waste electrical equipment and actively cooperates with external entities which recycle and process waste electrical and electronic devices. The business partners of the organisation are enterprises from all over Poland, including recyclers, municipalities and companies collecting and processing ewaste.

Many years of experience, a comprehensive offer and high quality of services make BIOSYSTEM Ewasterecycling SA one of the largest organisations which take back waste electrical and electronic equipment in Poland. According to the CIEP's report, in 2013 the company concluded the biggest number of contracts with entities who market electrical and electronic equipment. The competitive advantage of the company is also due to the availability of the infrastructure and technology of the WEEE Recycling Plant in Bolęcin.

The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Recycling Plant, opened in 2013 belongs to BIOSYSTEM SA, which together with BIOSYSTEM Ewasterecycling WEEE Take-Back Scheme SA and BIOSYSTEM Packaging Take-Back Scheme SA form the BIOSYSTEM Group.

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In order to provide its Clients with the highest standards of service when assuming the statutory responsibility of taking back and recycling WEEE from entrepreneurs, Biosystem Ewasterecycling SA introduced the ISO 9001:2009 quality management system and the ISO 14001:2004 environmental management system.